Single-Use Sensor Tubing Assemblies

Custom Manufactured

AdvantaPure offers custom Single-Use sensor tubing assemblies for in-line, real-time monitoring and control of critical process parameters for biomanufacturing.

Single-Use in-line sensors eliminate the need for cleaning, maintenance and recalibration associated with traditional, reusable technologies. Assemblies can be customized to meet unique process design requirements and are shipped ready-to-use.


  • adi free
  • Choose from a range of widely accepted and accurate PendoTECH process sensors including those for pressure, flow, temperature, conductivity, turbidity and UV absorbance
  • Assemblies are designed to provide robust and convenient solutions for bioprocess development and manufacturing from buffer and media preparation, cell harvest, centrifugation, virus/depth filtration, ultrafiltration-diafiltration, TFF and chromatography
  • Available in flow path sizes up to 1” tubing I.D. with minimized flow restriction and sample hold-up using AdvantaPure’s overmolding technology
  • Tested for quality and accuracy during manufacture – no calibration required
  • PendoTECH sensors are compatible with most data acquisition monitors/transmitters
  • Certified free of animal-derived components
  • Fluid path materials meet USP Class VI requirements
  • Tubing materials include platinum-cured unreinforced silicone or TPE; braid-reinforced silicone hose also available
  • Available gamma irradiated

Sensor Tubing AssembliesSensor tubing assemblies are the ideal Single-Use solution for next generation bioprocess demands. Sensors are designed to effectively monitor the fluid transfer path and provide reliable data to ensure consistently high quality product.

Assemblies are custom made to your specifications and shipped ready to use and pre-calibrated… letting you get on with your work faster and more efficiently.

Choose AdvantaPure’s APST unreinforced silicone tubing, APSH braid reinforced silicone hose or AdvantaFlex® biopharmaceutical grade TPE.

PDF Download a printable version of our Single-Use Sensor Tubing Assemblies brochure. Single_Use_Sensor_Tubing_Assemblies.pdf (558KB)


Sensor Tubing Assemblies

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