Change Notifications

for Products, Processes and Documents

NewAge Industries Change Notification Policy:

NewAge established and maintains a Documented Change process for all products, major processes or documentation related changes.

A Documented Change relates to a significant process or material change such as the elimination of a process, equipment relocation, change of a raw material, design or configuration changes, drawing revisions, packaging, external processes (i.e. gamma irradiation), etc. or a process change that requires engineering based study and process monitoring to validate the effect of the change.

It is NewAge’s policy to inform our customers about changes a minimum of 90 days prior to the implementation of the change. Occasionally however, unique circumstances may require us to make immediate changes when in the best interests of our customer base or in unavoidable situations that need immediate action.

The following change notifications do not pertain to custom products. Custom products consist of those products manufactured or customized for a specific customer and undergo a separate change notification and approval process involving only NewAge and the customer to preserve confidentiality.

Please note that these notifications are relevant to products purchased in the last 36 months and will be removed from the website 24 months after the posting date. An email notification will be sent to customers, prior to posting the change notification on the website.

For additional queries concerning our change notifications, please contact us at

Documented Change Notifications

To view or download printable PDF copies, click on the links in the chart below.

DCR Number Effective Date Part Number Affected / Description of Change
2631 (update) July 19, 2021 Cleanroom expansion project taking place at NewAge® Industries’ headquarters located in Southampton, PA. Original notification.
2542 March 01, 2021 Molded silicone and AdvantaFlex® part numbers will change to a new discrete part numbering system. This change will be evident on all assembly drawings containing molded junctions.
2472 November 10, 2020 Platinum Silicone Sanitary Gaskets / Due to supply and demand issues which have increased lead time and availability, NewAge Industries AdvantaPure will begin sourcing platinum silicone sanitary gaskets from multiple suppliers.
2340 October 2020 Pall Biotech Kleenpak® sterile connector and Kleenpak Presto sterile connector membrane peel strip material change. / Change is due to the impending environmental restriction of a compound used in the manufacturing of the membrane peel strip in Kleenpak.
2331 (fifth update) February 8, 2022 AdvantaFlex® Parts: A750, A760, A761, A762, A765, A767, CA750, CA761, CA762, CA763, CA764, CA765, CA767, CA768, CSA761, CSA762, CSA765, CA892; AdvantaSil® Parts: A700, A701, A702, A704, A705, A710 (Liner), A714 (Liner), A718 (Liner), A719 (Liner), CA700, CA701, CA702, CA703, CA704, CA705, CA709, CA710 (Liner), CA714 (Liner), CA718 (Liner), CA719 (Liner), CA131, CA132, CA133, CA135, CA200, CA220, CA731, CA732, CA733, CA734, CA735, CA736, CA737, CA738, A892, CHA710, CSA131, CSA132, CSA133, CSA135, CSA731, CSA732, CSA735 / NewAge Industries AdvantaPure AdvantaFlex Biopharmaceutical Grade TPE Tubing and AdvantaSil High Purity Platinum Cured Silicone Tubing Extrusion Expansion. Original notification. First update. Second update. Third update. Fourth Update
2313 (update) September 18, 2020 A750 – A751 – A760 – A761 – A762 – A765 – A767 – CA750 – CA751 – CA752 – CA754 – CA760 – CA761 – CA762 – CA763 – CA764 – CA765 – CA766 – CA767 – CA768 – CSA761 – CSA762 – CSA765 / NewAge® Industries AdvantaPure is postponing the expansion of its existing AdvantaFlex® Mold Shop area to avoid downtime and potential supply disruption. Original notification.
2318 Amended July 13, 2020 APEWF Wire Reinforced EPDM Hose product line (A742) has been reclassified to a non-stock availability.
2023 December 10, 2019 APSW-SP (A718) 4-Ply Wire Reinforced Mandrel Wrapped Silicone Hose – Smooth OD Spiral Wrapped Product Line / Adding a second source supplier of the APSW-SP Silicone Hose product offering. Having multiple suppliers for this product provides us with security of supply.
2189 January 26, 2020 Custom assemblies requiring gamma-irradiation / Our current maximum processing dose is either 40kGy or 45kGy. We are consolidating the maximum processing dose to 40kGy. This gamma processing dose consolidation will apply to both gamma- irradiated and sterile gamma-irradiated systems.
2008 August 26, 2019 APSW-P – Smooth OD Linear Wrapped Hose, A725 Part# Series and APSW-PC – Convoluted OD Linear Wrapped Hose, A727 Part# Series / AdvantaPure has discontinued the manufacturing of APSW-P, 4-Ply Wire Reinforced Mandrel Wrapped Silicone Hose products.
1932 March through July 2019 CPAX150-U71, CPAX150-U75, CPAX150-U706, CPAN75-U71, CPAN75-U75, CPAN75-U706, CPT100-U71 and CPT90-U71 / Nordson Medical Changes to the PharmLok Sanitary Clamps (TC Style) and PharmaLok Tube Clamps. Nordson Change Notification # PCN390

Note: Change notifications for custom products or products containing proprietary information are not listed above. Please contact us with any questions.