Custom Products and Services

We offer a variety of special products & services that can be customized to meet your needs.

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By combining platinum-cured, Class VI silicone tubing with molded fittings, BioClosure® high purity container closures and other components, a wide variety of assembly options are possible. Designs for single-use systems range from simple, single fitting connections to complex configurations with varying lengths of tubing and several molded connections.

The process used to join silicone tubing and molded fittings permanently bonds the parts into one unit. Leaks and entrapment concerns, common with the use of barbed fittings, are eliminated. READ MORE..


Offering superior material penetration, gamma irradiation is chemical free, residual free and post-process radiation free. The irradiation process destroys microorganisms and bacteria and is the sterilization method of choice for many finished products used throughout the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Have your products gamma irradiated before they arrive at your location and save the additional inventorying, transportation costs, and transit time.

A number of AdvantaPure’s silicone and AdvantaFlex products, particularly those designed for single use, are available with validated sterility assurance of 10-6 per ISO 11137 method VDmax.

Other advantages:

  • Economical for high and/or low volume operations
  • Unmatched in process reliability
  • Does not require a quarantine period or post-sterilization treatment
  • Permits immediate shipment of products after sterilization
  • Easily validated
  • Eliminates concerns over residuals

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By combining our broad line of tubing, hose, and fittings, the optimum hose assembly for your application can be fabricated quickly. Let our Fabrication Team handle the assembly labor for you, so you receive a finished, ready-to-install product.

PDFClick to download a PDF version of our How to order assemblies brochure. How_to_order_assemblies.pdf (143kb)

molded silicone assembliesMolded Silicone Assemblies

Supplied as an integrated assembly of silicone fittings and hose. Molded Silicone Assemblies are available in mini and standard Tri-Clamp® fitting styles and are supplied with male gaskets molded directly to the face of the fitting. READ MORE…

overmolded endsOvermolded Tri-Clamp® Ends

An option for sanitary connections is available . . . overmolded sanitary ends for PVC, TPE, and TPR tubing and hose. Injection molded from USP Class VI Hytrel® or polypropylene, overmolded ends feature Tri-Clamp® and mini Tri-Clamp styles. READ MORE…


There are times when applications require a more durable hose than standard reinforced products provide. Special coverings offer additional protection from high temperatures or pressures, excessive friction, kinking or crushing, etc. Available materials include: Stainless Steel Armor, Rubber, Silicone, and more. Contact an AdvantaPure Sales Representative to discuss your application.

silicone jacketstainless steel armorFire Sleeve
Silicone JacketStainless Steel ArmorFire Sleeve


AdvantaPure can provide custom-printed tubing and hose, private branded with your logo, part number, size information, date code, or other information that you specify. Printed products can reinforce and enhance your company identity, create product traceability, or identify capabilities or limitations of the item all at a reasonable cost. Contact your AdvantaPure representative today for more info at 1-888-755-4370.