Hose Identification Solutions

Imprinted, laser-etched, and color-coded products create traceability, allow for instant recognition, identify capabilities or limitations, improve safety, and help achieve regulatory compliance. Contact your AdvantaPure representative today to discover how your hose identification problems can be solved clearly, cleanly, and permanently.

Contact us for more information at 1-888-755-4370 (toll free US only) or 215-526-2151 (worldwide).


AdvantaLabel identification labels and color stripes are permanently vulcanized directly to the O.D. of silicone tubing and hose. READ MORE…



The DocuLink silicone manifold identification system provides individual identification and tracking information directly on each manifold in the form of a silicone-encased label. Manifold information can be linked to an on-line data management site to provide easy document retrieval for audits and validations. READ MORE…


Hose Track®           

The Hose Track Hose Lifecycle Analysis System, now from NewAge® Industries’ Verigenics® division, is a unique, revolutionary hose assembly tracking system that utilizes RFID technology to help minimize the risk of contamination, hose failure, and the costly repercussions associated with batch waste and production stoppages. READ MORE…

Laser-Etched Hose Collars

Permanent identification that’s sharper and more legible than acid-etched parts or handwritten labels. Contact your AdvantaPure representative for more details at 1-888-755-4370. READ MORE…

PDF Download a printable version of our Hose Identification brochure. Hose_Identification.pdf (350KB)