PRO Alliance

What Is PRO Alliance?

  PRO stands for (P)referred (R)egional (O)perations.   PRO Alliance is a new, unique level of partnership between NewAge Industries AdvantaPure and select distributors with the goal of establishing a global network of single-use systems assembly operations within the AdvantaPure distribution network. PRO is about being closer to the customer and helping our neighbors be successful.  Our mission is to reduce the total cost of ownership of purchasing single-use assemblies while improving deliverables, shortening lead times, and bringing a level of flexibility unmatched in the industry. Local expertise, local service, and long-term enduring relationships.

Why PRO Alliance?

PRO Alliance is a true partnership between independent organizations that derive synergy from the diversity of thought, ideas, and best practices that can only be learned when an organization is close to its end-user customers.

PRO Alliance Services

Clean Room Design:

• Layout and Modeling

• HVAC and HEPA Filtration

• Optimized Workflow

Engineering Services:

• Equipment Specification and Validation

• Assembly Design and Drawings

• Work Instructions

• Connection Verification

• Training


• Quality ManagementSystem

• Validated sterility assurance level (SAL 10-6) claim

• Environmental Monitoring

• IQ/OQ/PQ Support

• Audit Support

PRO Alliance

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Who is Northwest Fluid Solutions?

 Northwest Fluid Solutions (NWFS) is the founding partner of PRO Alliance. Our Quality Management System and manufacturing practices have been designed and audited to align closely with NewAge Industries AdvantaPure’s. This alignment offers end-user customers the opportunity to dual-source the same single-use assembly designs using the same part numbers and drawings from different locations under the PRO Alliance banner.
The power of partnership is augmented with the flexibility of independence. As a regional provider of solutions customized to end-user needs, our NWFS infrastructure has been designed to offer rapid prototypes and low-volume integration to go with our fully qualified GMP solutions. 

Integration and custom design services are essential complements to the many customer-forward services and products Northwest Fluid Solutions offers. We are a leading supplier of tubing, hose, connectors, pumps, and measuring and monitoring technologies to the life sciences market. Leveraging our regional inventories is an integral part of our Ready-Made-to-Order services. 

Your future is our mission.

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