Company Vision and Mission Statements


NewAge Industries will be a 100%-employee-owned, diverse, independent company for the next 100 years. We will achieve this by caring for our team members’ health, financial wealth and dignity; helping the community we live in; and protecting our environment. We will continually educate our stakeholders on the benefits of good health and employee ownership and will take a leadership role in promoting our view in the business world. Our culture will provide the foundation for every team member to deliver an exceptional overall customer experience. Our Team Members will continue to utilize the NewAge Guiding Principles as their model for performance: Customer Focus, Integrity, Teamwork & Learning, Safety, Accountability, and Ownership.


NewAge is an employee owned company focused on providing flexible transfer solutions, as well as asset and consumables tracking, to meet the needs and goals of our global customers. Our company is committed to providing an exceptional overall customer experience which will remain the core basis for our success. We pledge to be socially responsible and respectful of our environment, with a foundation of high integrity and discernible ethical standards.

For our customers:

We are dedicated to listening attentively to customers to truly understand their needs, then delivering innovative solutions that translate into customer success. Our company ensures that customers receive the highest quality products and services through our Business Management System. We are a sustainable partner committed to remaining independent by embracing the values created through the Employee Stock Ownership Plan thereby enabling us to supply customers with a stable and secure resource for our products and services. We are driven to provide our customers with superior value with the intent of earning their long term respect and loyalty.

For our team members:

Our company offers an environment that stimulates diversity, innovation, teamwork, learning, continuous improvement and employee development. We strive to provide team members with meaningful work and advancement opportunities while rewarding them by sharing in the company’s success. We provide team members and their families with financial wealth and security through the Employee Stock Ownership Plan as shareholders of the company. A positive culture is promoted through an energizing, optimistic and fun environment. The company is focused on developing individual team member Wellness through several programs, activities, benefits and education. Employees will be provided the same concern, respect, dignity and caring attitude within the organization that they are expected to share externally with every NewAge customer.

For our suppliers:

Our suppliers play an integral part in our ability to provide outstanding customer service. We will treat suppliers with dignity and respect throughout our relationship. We embrace and will continuously strive to achieve the highest ethical standards in the partnership formed between NewAge Industries and our suppliers. Total cost of ownership will be the measurement used to gauge our success. A commitment to transparent and timely two-way communications will ensure that we interact with each other to grow the relationship, solve challenges, and protect our customers.