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Platinum-Cured Silicone Tubing and Fittings

Supplied as silicone fittings attached directly to silicone tubing or hose, AdvantaPure’s Molded Silicone Assemblies are well-suited for applications involving aseptic transfer, sterile processing, and other critical applications in the pharmaceutical, biopharm, and high purity industries. The assemblies reduce installation time, improve cleanliness, and retain the many benefits of silicone. Full BPOG standardized extractables test protocol has been performed on the silicone tubing and fittings by a fully-accredited, third-party test lab.

Molded Silicone Assemblies are not intended for implantation or continuous steam applications.


    • animal derived indgediants
    • Particulate testing per USP 788 is performed quarterly
    • The assemblies eliminate entrapment issues and leaks associated with barb-type fittings
    • Compatible with AdvantaSil® APST, APHP (high pressure), and APSH braid-reinforced hose; APHP applications include TFF, virus filtration, inline integrity testing of filtration assemblies, and high volume fluid transfer
    • Provides a smooth inner surface with a seamless transition
    • Offers consistent interior dimensions for maximum flow rates
    • Reduces end-user assembly times—arrives ready to install
    • No product contact with metallic materials
    • Certified free of animal-derived ingredients
    • Retains silicone’s general temperature range: -100°F to 400°F
    • Extremely flexible
    • Sterilizable by CIP, SIP, and autoclave processes
    • Imparts no taste or odor to critical streams
    • Cleanroom manufactured
    • Sealed in clear polybags during manufacturing process to ensure cleanliness
    • Documented lot traceable with identification on packaging
    • Documented quality control per ISO 9001:2015
    • Complete validation package available upon request

Full BPOG standardized extractables test results available on request

Molded Silicone Assemblies

Molded Silicone Assemblies are available from AdvantaPure in mini and standard Tri-Clamp® fitting styles and are supplied with male gaskets molded directly to the face of the fitting. Straight-through configurations are produced in sizes up to 1" tube I.D. Protective backup cups, offered in polysulfone or series 304 stainless steel for extra durability, provide a stable clamping surface and safeguard the fittings during installation and use.

All assemblies are custom made to best meet each application's requirements and incorporate either unreinforced silicone tubing or braid-reinforced silicone hose. Working pressure ratings vary depending on product. Call AdvantaPure today to discuss your needs.

PDF Download a printable version of our Molded Silicone Assemblies brochure. Silicone_Assemblies.pdf (232KB)


molded silicone connectionsMolded Connections

animal derived indgediantsSingle-use Molded Manifolds provide a seamless transition between tubing and connections for a continuous, leak-proof flow. Molded connections include Y, T, cross, reducer, Tri-Clamp®, and mini Tri-Clamp styles. Made from AdvantaSil platinum-cured silicone, they allow for one material contact surface throughout the system. Connection sizes vary depending on style.

Size range: .063" to 1" I.D. (1.60mm to 25.40mm I.D.)



molded silicone assemblies

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