AdvantaFlex® Molded Tubing Ends

Single-Use AdvantaFlex tubing with molded mini Tri-Clamp® ends are ideal for aseptic transfer and processing applications. The TPE tubing is overmolded with a USP Class VI polypropylene mini Tri-Clamp® to form a smooth fluid path.

AdvantaFlex Molded Tubing Ends work well in Single-Use applications by reducing operational costs and improving production efficiency. They’re compatible with sterile tubing welders and available in a variety of tubing sizes and lengths for your biopharma fluid transfer applications.


  • Animal Derived Ingredient Free
  • USP Class VI polypropylene is injection molded onto AdvantaFlex tubing to form an unobstructed pathway
  • Single-Use simplifies cleaning and validation procedures; reduces leaks and cross contamination risks
  • Easy connections — tubing is sterile weldable
  • Available in four tubing sizes and three tubing lengths
  • Validated sterility assurance of 10-6 via gamma irradiation per ISO 11137 method VDmax 25
  • Certified animal derived component free
  • Made from FDA-approved ingredients
  • ISO Class 7 clean room manufactured
  • Tubing is heat sealable, moldable and translucent for visual contact with the flow
  • Custom sizes, lengths, and packaging available
  • Documented quality control; lot traceable with identification on packaging
  • AdvantaFlex has a Master File with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (#28810)


Product Number I.D. Wall O.D. Standard Available Length
(in.) (mm.) (in.) (mm.) (in.) (mm.) (in.)
APAF-BP-02-04-11Y-xxGS .125 3.18 .063 1.59 .250 6.35 24, 48, 72
APAF-BP-04-08-11Y-xxGS .250 6.35 .125 3.18 .500 12.70 24, 48, 72
APAF-BP-06-10-11Y-xxGS .375 9.52 .125 3.18 .625 15.88 24, 48, 72
APAF-BP-08-12-11Y-xxGS .500 12.70 .125 3.18 .750 19.05 24, 48, 72
All Molded Tubing Ends come with a mini Tri-Clamp® molded to one end and a plug in the other end. Sold by standard available lengths listed above. Insert length in product number when ordering. Example: 24 in. of .125 in. I.D. x .250 in. O.D. tubing is product number APAF-BP-02-04-11Y-24GS. Molded Tubing Ends are supplied double bagged in Tyvek® or similar polybags, gamma sterilized and bulk packed. Custom sizes and lengths are available; contact your AdvantaPure Sales Representative for details.

AdvantaFlex tubing is flexible, translucent, sterilizable, moldable, weldable and heat sealable. Its unique properties help it outperform similar tubing in peristaltic pumps. Contact your AdvantaPure sales representative for more information.

PDF Download a printable version of our Molded Tubing Ends brochure. AdvantaFlex_Molded_Tubing_Ends.pdf (504kb)


Molded Tubing Ends

Made in USA