Why Business Continuity Matters in Manufacturing

Ensuring business continuity is a critical concern for distributors, OEMS and other business owners. To safeguard continuity, production timeline disruptions must be managed and all other aspects, from material to supply procurement must be balanced.

Transparency Throughout the Ordering Process

Having complete visibility into the lifecycle of an order is essential. Deeper understanding begins with fully comprehending the entire order process. This means understanding what occurs at each stage, from order confirmation to fulfillment. Before placing an order, understanding the critical stages of the process is key. This helps you identify parameters for smooth transactions and how to identify and mitigate potential deviations.

Minimizing Disruptions

Delivery times can significantly impact your overall production schedule. Proximity to suppliers can be a game changer. To facilitate quicker delivery times and therefore decrease expenses, NewAge Industries/AdvantaPure has strategically opened a new manufacturing facility in the Coevorden, Netherlands to better serve clients in Europe, Asia, India and beyond.

Visibility From Start to Finish

With a new geographic location that is closer in proximity, clients can choose to visit and have access to and oversight of any one point in the manufacturing process throughout the continuum of production. Additionally, interfacing with the technical production team becomes more accessible

NewAge Industries/AdvantaPure: Your Business Continuity Partner

NewAge Industries/AdvantaPure, a leading manufacturer of fluid transfer system solutions, is committed to seamless continuity in our order fulfillment and production process.

The new Netherlands facility further enhances this commitment by offering European clients a host of advantages.