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AdvantaSil Silicone Tubing and HoseAdvantaPure® Announces Its ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Southampton, PA — After several months of preparation, the AdvantaPure high purity products division of NewAge® Industries, Inc. has received ISO 9001:2015 certification. This updated certification helps demonstrate the company’s commitment to quality and its ability to consistently provide products that meet its customers’ stringent requirements.

“Previously, our AdvantaPure and Verigenics divisions held ISO 9001:2008 certification,” said Mary Marcus, Director of Quality. “Our leadership team determined that we needed to update our certification promptly to show our customers that they can depend on receiving the same high quality products time and time again.” READ MORE...

AdvantaSil Silicone Tubing and HoseAdvantaPure® Launches AdvantaSil™ Brand of Silicone Tubing and Hose

Southampton, PA — AdvantaSil silicone tubing and hose products are quickly becoming recognized as superior products for Single-Use processes worldwide. Engineers in process development and manufacturing have relied on AdvantaSil products for years for unreinforced tubing, reinforced hose, pump grade tubing and wire reinforced suction hose. The products are designed and tested for the biopharm and pharmaceutical industries and are used for food, beverage, laboratory and chemical transfer applications as well.

Previously, the products were typically referred to by their part number nomenclature (APST, APSH, APSH-DB, APSPG and APSW). The new AdvantaSil brand name will make recall of the application-specific products easier for customers and new users. READ MORE...

building renovationsNewAge® Industries Begins Plant Expansion for More Manufacturing and Warehouse Space
Includes Additional Clean Rooms

Southampton, PA — Steel girders and walls are going up at NewAge Industries in Southampton, Pa. The company is renovating 40,000 square feet of space to house new clean room manufacturing suites, product inspection rooms and warehousing. The need to expand came about primarily because of the success of NewAge's AdvantaPure high purity products division, which specializes in tubing, hose and fluid flow products for the biopharm industry. Anticipated completion of the renovations is within the next few months. READ MORE...

Armstrong Middle School StudentsNewAge® Industries Hosts Local Students Learning About Manufacturing Careers
Middle School Students Film Their Visit for a Contest

Southampton, PA — Recently a group of students from Neil A. Armstrong Middle School of Fairless Hills, Pa., visited plastic tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries. The purpose of their visit was two-fold: to learn about advanced manufacturing careers and to shoot video for a contest. The students toured NewAge's manufacturing and molding areas, learned about product testing, and had a chance to talk with employees. READ MORE...

NewAge Industries Board of DirectorsNewAge® Industries Announces New Board Members
Experienced Executives Will Help Steer the Company's Direction

Southampton, PA — As NewAge Industries grew from a small distributor of plastic tubing to the mid-sized manufacturer it is today, its need for thoughtful and experienced leadership grew as well. To address that need, NewAge's majority owner and CEO, Ken Baker, recently appointed several new members to its Board of Directors. READ MORE...

hosesSilicone Suction Hose from AdvantaPure® is Now NSF Listed
Provides an Increased Level of Quality Assurance

Southampton, PA — AdvantaPure's APSW silicone suction hose now boasts an NSF listing (NSF-51), giving users reassurance for the product's compatibility with food, beverage and other clean applications. APSW is reinforced with a helical stainless steel wire and layers of fabric and silicone to handle both suction and discharge applications. The hose is available in smooth or convoluted O.D. styles. READ MORE...

hosesAdvantaPure® Releases Its Schedule of Trade Show Appearances for
Summer & Fall 2016

Includes Events in the US & Asia

Southampton, PA — The AdvantaPure division of NewAge Industries will exhibit at shows in Taiwan and Massachusetts over the next several months. The shows will focus on biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical equipment and processes. AdvantaPure will highlight products such as Single-Use tubing, process hose, leak-proof molded manifold assemblies, container closures, and wall pass-through systems. READ MORE...

employee ownersForty-Nine Percent of NewAge® Industries is Now Owned By Its Employees
Recent Ownership Transfer Increases Employee Ownership by Nine Percent

Southampton, PA — At a recent company-wide meeting, NewAge Industries' CEO Ken Baker announced that he would transfer an additional nine percent of the value of the company to its ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). The announcement was met with great applause, because employees of the tubing manufacturer know that it means more company shares in their pockets come retirement. READ MORE...

white paperAdvantaPure® Offers a New White Paper Focusing on Molded Tubing Connections
Illustrates the Risks & Expenses of Fluid Leaks in Biopharma and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations; Offers Options

Southampton, PA — AdvantaPure has introduced a white paper that compares the uncertainty of tube sets made with barbed fittings to assemblies manufactured using leak-proof molded connections. Titled "How Molded Manifold Assemblies Prevent Leaks and Costly Consequences," the report describes how leak risks increase with each additional barbed fitting connection in an assembly and offers a solution to reduce that risk. READ MORE...

solar panelsNewAge® Industries Celebrates Five Years as a Solar Powered Manufacturer
Obtains All Its Electricity from Renewable Sources

Southampton, PA —This month plastic tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries will observe the fifth anniversary of its rooftop solar panel array and green power system. The array, consisting of over 4,000 solar panels, generates one megawatt of electricity annually. READ MORE...

Bioreactor Tubing KitsNew Bioreactor Tubing Kits from AdvantaPure® Speed Turnaround & Increase Processing Capacity
Single-Use & Customizable for Benchtop Bioreactors

Southampton, PA —AdvantaPure announces the availability of tubing kits custom made for use with benchtop bioreactors. Bioreactor Tubing Kits consist of Single-Use tubing, preassembled with filters and connectors, at tubing lengths specified by the customer for harvest, vent, sparge and addition lines. READ MORE...

BioClosure System AssembliesAdvantaPure®  Introduces BioClosure® System Assemblies that Reduce Assembly Time & Protect Product Integrity
Cost-Effective, Single-Use Solutions Help Decrease Contamination Risks

Southampton, PA — AdvantaPure now offers its BioClosure container closures, made from AdvantaFlex® biopharmaceutical grade TPE, as standard, ready-to-use, closed systems. Called BioClosure System Assemblies, they feature a robust design with elastomeric seals against the containers and unobstructed fluid paths. Applications include aseptic sampling, cell growth, filling, process R&D and cold storage. READ MORE...

Stephen McDevittNewAge Industries AdvantaPure®  Announces New Inside Sales Manager, Stephen McDevitt
Company Promotes from Within

Southampton, PA — NewAge Industries has promoted Stephen McDevitt to the role of Inside Sales Manager, effective February 1, 2016. A thirteen-year team member, McDevitt has proven his product knowledge, customer relationship building and leadership abilities, making him well suited for the position.

McDevitt was hired in 2002 as a Technical Sales Representative and later promoted to a similar position specializing in products from NewAge's biopharma and Single-Use division, AdvantaPure. Last year McDevitt was named Assistant Inside Sales Manager. READ MORE...

Molded Tubing EndsAdvantaPure® Introduces AdvantaFlex® Sterile Molded Tubing Ends
Mini Tri-Clamp® Ends Add Versatility to Tubing

Southampton, PA —Single-Use AdvantaFlex tubing with molded mini Tri-Clamp ends is now available from AdvantaPure. Offered in three tubing lengths, the assemblies are supplied gamma sterilized and are ideal for aseptic transfer and processing applications.
AdvantaFlex Molded Tubing Ends work well in Single-Use applications by reducing operational costs and improving production efficiencies. They're compatible with sterile tubing welders and available in a variety of tubing sizes and lengths for biopharma fluid transfer. READ MORE...

NewAge ESOPNewAge® Industries Marks Its 10th Anniversary As An ESOP Corporation
62-Year-Old Company Celebrates Employee Ownership

Southampton, PA — NewAge Industries is celebrating its tenth year as an employee-owned company in 2016. Its ESOP–Employee Stock Ownership Plan–was established as a way to reward team members in retirement and as a succession plan for the corporation. The company's share price has seen a six-fold increase since the ESOP's inception in 2006. Employees view the plan as increased incentive to always keep the customer top of mind, to perform their jobs exceptionally well, and as a path to retirement. READ MORE...

sealed tubing endsNew Sealed Tubing Ends from AdvantaPure Reduce Operational Costs & Improve Efficiencies
Help Maintain a Sterile & Closed Fluid Transfer System

Southampton, PA — AdvantaPure announces that its AdvantaFlex® biopharmaceutical grade TPE tubing is now available with pre-sealed ends. The ends are ideal for Single-Use biopharma and pharmaceutical applications such as sampling and storage. Simply weld a Sealed Tubing End to the tubing from a bag or container, and a sterile, closed system is maintained. READ MORE...








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