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NewAge Industries will, through teamwork and team learning, commit the appropriate resources to continually improve the effectiveness of the Business Management System, resulting in an enhanced customer experience. The improvements will be appropriate to the purpose of the organizational goals of satisfying our customers' needs and delivering products defect free, on time, every time.



At AdvantaPure, our approach and attention to quality is company-wide – quality is part of everyone's responsibilities – and when procedures and processes are followed, quality comes naturally. This organizational approach means that quality begins well before a product is examined by a member of the Quality Team.

Our Quality Team includes Inspectors, Calibration Technicians, Document Control Specialists, Continuous Improvement Engineers, Regulatory Compliance Managers, Quality Engineers, Environmental Monitoring Technicians, Sterility Assurance Specialists, and Supplier Quality Assurance Managers.

This team is complemented by our Engineering Group that helps us achieve consistent product quality. Process Engineers determine the best ways to set up, test, and run equipment. Applications Engineers help customers fit their needs to a product while avoiding overengineering. Design Engineers work with vendors (and vendors' quality processes) and with customers involving material selection.

Because biopharmaceutical manufacturing demands strict quality standards, best practices are incorporated into our production and inspection processes. These processes are consistently monitored to ensure safety and the reliability of products. AdvantaPure products are made under strict USP controls related to both product and clean room requirements. Quality inspections are conducted throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that parts meet each customer's specifications.

AdvantaPure is ISO-9001 certified, helping to demonstrate our commitment to quality. Many of our tubing and hose products have undergone full BPOG standardized extractables testing performed by a fully accredited, third-party test lab. Regulatory Summaries and Validation Reports are available for download.

AdvantaPure has been audited by Rx-360, a non-profit, member run organization with a mission involving quality, patient safety and supply chain security. Rx-360's Joint Audit Program® offers licensable audit reports developed to reduce the burden of onsite supplier auditing. AdvantaPure's report was conducted using Rx-360's Single-Use Audit Guideline and may be used to:

For questions related to AdvantaPure's quality practices and processes, please contact us at



ISO cert

Download a copy below:
ISO_9001-2015_cert.pdf (98kb)


NewAge Industries AdvantaPure Employee/OwnersWE ARE EMPLOYEE OWNED!

A Big Benefit to Our Customers, As Well As Our Employees

Called an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan), the program involves the selling of company stock to its employees as part of their retirement benefits. NewAge is 100% employee owned. READ MORE...





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