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GammaTag® receives Processing Magazine Award
sartorius stedim biotech and advantapureGammaTag was chosen by the magazine's editor as one of twelve "Breakthrough Products of the Year" for 2007.
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RFID tags used on disposable componentsP•E•T Process Equipment Tracking® offers a new degree of safety and reduced risk for the pharmaceutical processing industry, as well as other high purity applications in the food and beverage, cosmetic, chemical, and biomedical sectors. Using RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, all process equipment involved with a particular batch of product is monitored from start to finish. Track usage and cleaning cycles to ensure timely maintenance and replacement . . . before parts begin to fail, risk product integrity, and waste time and labor. Briefly stated, you can track who did what to each batch and when. It’s a logical approach to tracking all critical process components.

RFID tags easily attach to components such as sample and production bags, tanks, storage vessels, filters, manifolds, container closures, tubing and hose, and complete single-use systems.

U.S. Patents 7,259,675, 7,195,149, and 7,328,837. Other U.S. and foreign patents pending.

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P•E•T Process Equipment Tracking®

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PET_Process_Equipment_Tracking.pdf (588kb)

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CLICK HERE to view a comparison of the pen-and-paper Log Book method vs. the Hose Track RFID system.


CLICK HERE to view a comparison of the Bar Code method vs. the Hose Track RFID system.

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Calendar & Manual Log Methods For Replacing Critical Process Components Can Be Unreliable, Increasing Risk Of Product Contamination & Wear Related Failure
View A Comparison Of Manual Logs vs RFID Tracking Here
calendar and manual log methods
RFID Tags Attached To Process Equipment Are Scanned By Reader/Writer To Track Wear Related Events & Update Computer Database RFID tags attached to process equipment components
A Process Equipment Tracking System Provides An Audit Trail To Assist In The Validation Process process equipment tracking system provides an audit trail

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  • GammaTag Reader/WriterIdentifies individual process equipment parts such as pumps, hoses, container closures, bio-bags, manifolds, diaphragm valves, filters, and UV lamps using RFID tags
  • Allows recording and storage of critical information
  • Provides an audit trail to assist in validation processes
  • Records and accesses the complete biographical history of parts using a portable, handheld reader/writer to identify each tag
  • Tracks key wear-related events such as cleaning cycles/dates and batches of material processed or user-defined events
  • Reduces errors on the production floor
  • Eliminates the inefficient calendar method of swapping out used parts – reduces wasted production life and underutilized equipment
  • Limits failures and helps calculate equipment life expectancy using actual data
  • Tags are encoded with serial numbers and externally attached to each piece of process equipment – no contact with material flow
  • Production protocols – proper set-up instructions and photographs, training aids, damage examples – may be embedded
  • Reduces dependency on paper records and their inherent problems, such as transposed numbers, incorrect dates, handwriting legibility, misread data, and misfiled documents
  • Data may be downloaded to existing computer systems (software upgrades may be necessary)
  • Safe for use with CIP, SIP, and autoclave processes
  • Applicable to predictive maintenance systems (PdM)
  • Select the tag attachment method best suited for each particular item – choose from a molded pouch, lamination, watchband style encasement, or silicone fusible tape
  • Field installation methods are available to immediately start tracking existing process equipment
  • U.S. Patents 7,195,149 and 7,259,675. Other U.S. and foreign patents pending
  • Developed in partnership with ProcessHQ, Inc., experts in pharmaceutical process technologies.
  • Custom made to best meet individual needs

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RFID attachment portable reader/writer lifecycle analysis
RF Identification Attachment Methods   Portable Handheld Reader/Writer   Lifecycle Analysis Tool
The RFID tag is attached to each device and encoded with a unique serial number. Several attachment methods are available and include a molded pouch, lamination, stainless steel strap, silicone fusible tape, complete silicone encasement, etc. Many of these methods allow tag attachment to process equipment currently installed in facilities. Tag encoding can be customized to meet specific needs.   The handheld reader/ writer identifies each device by its serial number for reference in a database. The reader/ writer logs and tracks ongoing wear-related events such as the number of cleaning cycles and dates performed (CIP, SIP, autoclave), and the number of batches of material processed. Data is programmed back onto the RFID tag and later downloaded to a database for analysis.   Specific data is transferred to a local computer using the Lifecycle Analysis Tool (software) to catalog process equipment, maintain wear-related events, and store application data associated to a particular location. Personnel can perform lifecycle analysis for individual locations for an accurate, application specific replacement schedule prior to excessive degradation or failure.

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A wide variety of process components exist in various shapes and sizes creating a need for different attachment methods. The AdvantaPure engineers are up to the challenge of attaching RFID tags to your components and are ready to work with you to design something that fits your specific requirements.

Our development of the Hose Track System has given us extensive experience with hose attachment methods. For example:
fusible silicone tape to attach RFID tag to existing hoses gammatag on tubing
...silicone injection molded to the O.D. of a hose assembly ...wrapped silicone fusible tape for use with existing hoses ...plastic tie-wrap for use with existing hoses

Using a diaphram valve as an example, different means could be employed to place an RFID tag onto the component such as:
...a plastic pouch and wire tie ...integrated into bonnet design

Many more applications exist and other solutions can be further developed. What works for you?
rfid tag on biobag
...a tag holder could be attached to a filter housing using a stainless steel strap ...a pouch can be affixed to the exterior of a biobag ...a mounting block could be fastened to the exterior of a mixing vessel

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Process Equipment Tracking

Developed in partnership with ProcessHQ, Inc., experts in pharmaceutical process technologies.

RFID in Healthcare Consortium


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