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High Purity Container Closures

Manufactured from AdvantaSil® USP Class VI, platinum-cured silicone elastomer or from AdvantaFlex® biopharmaceutical grade TPE, AdvantaPure's BioClosure Systems offer the utmost in purity. They're biologically safe and work with vessels of glass, metal or plastic. Stoppers, caps, inserts for True Unions and GL45's, and other styles, with or without tubing, are available. Full BPOG standardized extractables test protocol has been performed by a fully-accredited, third-party test lab.

BioClosure systems are not intended for implantation or continuous steam applications.


Full BPOG standardized extractables test results are available on request


AdvantaPure's BioClosure Systems are manufactured from pure silicone or TPE that's free of animal-derived components. Your processes stay biologically safe.

bioclosure container closuresbioclosure container closures bioclosure container closures


BioClosure System AssembliesBioClosure System Assemblies

Standardized configurations for media bottles, flasks and carboys using AdvantaFlex Biopharmaceutical Grade TPE tubing and molded components are available.




Silicone Bottle Stoppers

Silicone bottle stoppers in sizes 2 to 12 are available with tubing already attached to speed your installation, reduce multiple product inventories, and save labor costs.

Use as a disposable item to reduce cross contamination risks, cleaning requirements, and validation time and costs.

bioclosure stopppers bioclosure stopppers



Part Number Size Top Diameter Bottom Diameter Height
(in) (mm) (in) (mm) (in) (mm)
APSTOPPER-2 2 0.794 20.17 0.640 16.26 1.000 25.40
APSTOPPER-4 4 1.039 26.39 0.808 20.52 1.000 25.40
APSTOPPER-6 6 1.269 32.23 1.051 26.70 1.000 25.40
APSTOPPER-7 7 1.453 36.91 1.188 30.18 1.000 25.40
APSTOPPER-8 8 1.627 41.33 1.318 33.48 1.000 25.40
APSTOPPER-10 10 2.000 50.80 1.685 42.80 1.000 25.40
APSTOPPER-12 12 2.686 68.22 2.000 50.80 1.500 38.10
NOTE: Sizes 2 through 8 packaged and sold in increments of 10 pieces per size.
Sizes 10 through 12 packaged and sold in increments of 5 pieces per size.




PDF Download a printable version of our BioClosure Systems brochure. BioClosure_Systems.pdf (400KB)




Bioclosure products

Choose from silicone stoppers, caps, inserts for True Unions and GL45's, and other styles, with or without tubing. Certain styles are available in TPE.

Made in USA

bioclosure with silicone manifold

BioClosures are available in AdvantaPure’s new Ultra Low Temperature silicone for applications involving temper- atures as low as -112°C. Call for details.

BioClosure True Union Assembly

bioclosure with silicone manifold

A securely sealed bioprocessing system is crucial. That's why BioClosure Systems are manufactured with strict tolerance requirements.

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