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Part of our high purity manufacturing suite, AdvantaPure's Mold Shop utilizes a Class 7 (Class 10,000) ISO-certified clean room to produce a variety of molded components suitable for any number of applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and dairy, beverage, cosmetic, biomedical, and biotechnology industries.

Our molded products can be custom made to meet your application’s specific requirements. Contact your AdvantaPure representative for more details.


single use systemssilicone manifolds & assembliesBy combining platinum-cured, Class VI silicone tubing with molded fittings, stoppers and other components, a wide variety of assembly options are possible. Designs range from simple, single fitting connections to manifolds of complex configurations with varying lengths of tubing and several molded connections. The process used to join silicone tubing and molded fittings permanently bonds the parts into one unit. Leaks and entrapment concerns, common with the use of barbed fittings, are eliminated. READ MORE...

BioClosure™ SYSTEMS:

silicone bottle stoppersBioClosure container closuresBioClosure container closures are made from Class VI, platinum-cured silicone elastomer for the utmost in purity and consist of silicone bottle stoppers and sealing systems for carboys and vessels, bottles, laboratory equipment, and process and storage containers. They are biologically safe and work with receptacles of glass, metal, or plastic. Available with cored holes for tubing, dip tubes, or vents and with tubing installed READ MORE...


molded endsmolded tubing endsSupplied as silicone fittings attached directly to silicone tubing or hose, the assemblies are well-suited for applications involving aseptic transfer, sterile processing, and other critical applications. The construction of Molded Silicone Assemblies allows the benefits of Class VI, platinum-cured silicone to remain constant throughout the assembly. READ MORE...


Hose TrackHose Track® – A unique hose assembly tracking system that utilizes RFID technology to help minimize the risk of contamination, hose failure, and the costly repercussions associated with batch waste and production stoppages. READ MORE...

DocuLinkDocuLink™ – Silicone manifold identification system provides individual identification and tracking information directly on each manifold in the form of a silicone-encased label. Manifold information can be linked to an on-line data management site to provide easy document retrieval for audits and validations. READ MORE...
AdvantaLabelAdvantaLABEL® – Identification labels and color stripes permanently vulcanized directly to the O.D. of silicone tubing and hose. READ MORE...

Contact your AdvantaPure representative for more info on molded products

  • Mold Shop Supervisor
  • Technical Product Manager for Single-Use Process Systems

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Single Use Products:
Tubing Sets vs Molded Manifolds recently interviewed our Director of Product Development, John Stover, about single-use systems.


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